Plot Development with Tarot

This week I discuss plot-driven stories.

Hey, writers and welcome to Season two, Episode 3b of the Dark Mystic Quill podcast. I am your host, L.A. Jacob.

It’s six thirty in the morning here and I’m settling down to write. I just got caught up after taking Tuesday off, so I’m at the 15,000-word mark.

Last week I discussed character-driven stories. This week I’m going to discuss plot-driven stories.

I read a book called Tarot Inspired Life by Jaymi Elford. A link is in the show notes. Last week’s card reading was taken from this book, but I put my spin on it. This week’s card layout is taken directly from the book, which has a chapter on how to use tarot for writing. She’s not paying me for this plug, but I want to give credit where it’s due.

She has a three-card layout for plots. I’ve been using it to develop subplots in my story. 

Shuffle the deck thinking about having the cards tell you a story. You will chose three cards: beginning, middle, and end.

I wanted a subplot for Lena’s brother, Isaac. So I drew three cards.

In the beginning was The Moon. There’s a secret here somewhere that gets hidden or swept under the rug.

The middle was the seven of cups, and that’s usually the card of illusion. It’s a perfect continuation of the secret beforehand. Isaac has a secret, and he’s put together a complicated life to hide it.

The end was the King of Pentacles. When the secret is revealed, he’ll be a stronger man for it.

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That’ll do it for now, and I hope you have a productive week with NaNoWriMo. Stay tuned for an update next week.